Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Response >> Presentations

I was honestly really nervous before the presentation about the 2 seconds of speaking I had to do. But, I was proud of myself at the end. I think I did well and explained my design well. I want to give a big thanks to Jan for pounding content driven design into our minds & forcing us to explain our design in design 1--it allowed me to have purpose in my design and be able to speak about it. To not just stand up there and say, well, I thought it looked pretty.

The presentation for me was also good practice for the interview road ahead. While other companies may be more intense or less understanding of mistakes then Meredith, it gave me a little boost of confidence in my capabilities not only as a designer but to speak with purpose.

Congratulations to everyone on their projects!!!!!!!

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  1. Hello!

    I'm a Mizzou graduate (English program) and was wondering how one might start working with Inside Columbia. I would love to write for the magazine, but would love to somehow get my foot in the door. Any advice? My e-mail is, the blog I'm commenting from is just a personal one that never gets edited, so if you need something that's slightly more polished just let me know. I hope to speak with you in the future